The Tammen Hotel Group

At Tammen Hotel Group, we are experts in the field of hospitality brokerage, specifically
focused on the sale of hotel investments. Our specialized team of professionals possesses a
deep understanding of the unique dynamics within the hospitality sector. We are committed to assisting clients in acquiring and divesting hotel properties, offering unparalleled expertise and tailored market intelligence. With a proven history of successful hotel transactions, we have established ourselves as the premier choice for hospitality investors and sellers.


At Tammen Hotel Group, an esteemed division of Marcus & Millichap, our unwavering specialization lies in hospitality brokerage, specifically tailored to the sale of hotel investments. Our team of seasoned experts is singularly dedicated to the intricacies of the hospitality sector, possessing unparalleled knowledge of its nuances and unique requirements. Through focused training, customized marketing strategies, and precise communication tools, we consistently deliver exceptional results that cater to the distinct needs of each hotel transaction.


Our extensive network becomes your strategic advantage. With the most tightly knit salesforce within the hospitality brokerage industry and a long history of successful transactions, Tammen Hotel Group boasts the connections and experience that translate into unparalleled access to qualified buyers for hotel investments. Our commitment to the hospitality sector allows us to provide access that no one else can match.


Excellence in service and results is our culture's foundation. From the inception of Marcus & Millichap, our founders envisioned a culture rooted in information sharing and collaboration, with an unwavering dedication to prioritizing our clients' needs. This same culture is infused within the agents of the Tammen Hotel Group, where client satisfaction is paramount. Our agents strive to provide exceptional service and consistently achieve optimal results for our clients.

Complete Hospitality Brokerage

All-encompassing solutions, every step of the way. Our comprehensive suite of tools is specifically tailored to hospitality brokerage, from in-depth market research to targeted marketing strategies and creative financing options. Our extensive network comprises not only seasoned agents but also experienced loan originators who understand the intricacies of hotel investments. Our profound understanding of the hospitality market equips us with the confidence to accurately assess and price hotel properties. Combining these elements with our wealth of experience in executing hotel transactions ensures a seamless process, empowering
our clients to realize their investment objectives efficiently. At Tammen Hotel Group, we offer a complete hospitality brokerage solution from start to finish.